We help our clients protect their business interests by providing patent, trademark and copyright registration, prosecution, licensing and enforcement services.

Additionally, the firm assists clients with the identification, protection and enforcement of trade secrets, confidentiality and unfair competition concerns, and intellectual property litigation, including patent, trademark and copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Patent Prosecution, Licensing, and Infringement Litigation

Our intellectual property attorneys assist clients in obtaining and protecting important property rights. They provide comprehensive patent services, including, patentability searches and opinions, preparation and prosecution of utility and design patent applications, and enforcement of patent rights through licensing and infringement litigation.

Trademark and Service Mark Registration, and Litigation

We advise clients in matters related to state, federal and international trademarks and service marks. These matters include searches of existing registrations, preparation and prosecution of registration applications, as well as transfers, licensing, and enforcement of trademark rights through infringement litigation and the defense of infringement litigation.

Copyright Registration, Licensing and Litigation

Our intellectual property attorneys are experienced in representing clients in copyright issues, including registration of copyright works, works for hire provisions, transfers and licensing, and enforcement of copyrights through infringement litigation and the defense of infringement litigation.

Trade Secrets, Employer-Employee Rights and Confidentiality Concerns

We provide legal counsel to clients in matters regarding trade secrets, employer-employee rights, product and software development agreements, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. We are also experienced in state and federal trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition litigation that arises in connection with these matters.