September 13, 2021
by Stephanie Chapa

The BMJ Art Collection

The partners at Baker Manock & Jensen have been avid art collectors for the entirety of their 100-year history. The current collection is displayed throughout the office halls, conference rooms, and lobby. While the tastes and preferences of the firm have ebbed over the decades, a primary theme of local imagery by local artists remains. In the coming weeks and months, we will be featuring the works for digital viewing here on our website.

Anne Whitehurst

First to be featured is local artist and client of the firm, Anne Whitehurst. When it came time to redesign the firm’s website, it was a natural choice to include her work immediately on the front page. Whitehurst’s body of work spans 50 years and includes a diverse list of subject matters. Notably, she has produced gorgeous art of working agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. The pieces often include the people, the produce, and the production in motion.

Full size digital version of the work on our homepage to be added soon.

You can view more of her work online at Anne Whitehurst Artwork and on Facebook at Whitehurst Studios