Baker Manock & Jensen’s administrative staff shares our Attorneys’ commitment to the highest standards and is integral to the success of our business.

Our staff includes professionals in Information Technology, Accounting, Library Services, Word Processing, Records Management, Paralegal Services and Secretarial Support. Many members of our team have been with the Firm for over 25 years, illustrating the Firm’s stellar track record at keeping employees engaged and satisfied with their working environment.

Baker Manock & Jensen encourages continuing education and training to enhance the employee’s interpersonal, technical and professional skills. We have a generous Educational Reimbursement policy. Our Information Technology and Word Processing departments work together to provide ongoing software documentation and training classes.

Additionally, the Firm pays the membership fees for professional associations that many of our staff actively participate in, including: The Fresno County Legal Professionals Association, The Fresno Paralegals Association, The National Notary Association, and The Association of Legal Administrators. Our paralegals are invited to attend many of the Continuing Legal Education seminars alongside our Attorneys.

Baker Manock & Jensen provides state-of-the-art technology for their staff, including a premier document management system and Microsoft Office with a customized macro package.  In addition, the firm utilizes electronic means to provide advanced scanning, faxing, and litigation solutions. As part of the benefits package, the firm provides an on-site workout gym so they can be of sound body and mind.